Testimonials from Bands in the 303

Claire is awesome! Best 303 Sounds has helped us in many ways, including an increase in our shows and exposure. Best 303 really cares about it’s artists and adds a personal touch you don’t find in other promoting companies. Very glad to be a part of the Best 303 Sounds family.

3 Star Monday

Best 303 Sounds is a HUGE supporter for local music. Claire’s passion shows in how much she does to support; websites, social media, apps and so much more. The quality of the bands is fantastic, thus the name “Best” 303 Sounds.

Amanda Hedgpeth

Owner, Metal on the Move

Claire & Best 303 Sounds – what I can say is that I don’t think of her as being associated with any company. Claire creates a community, and I think that’s why people love what she’s doing. It’s a great community to be a part of!

Pride in Pieces

Claire & B303S means the world to us. Claire has dedicated so much of her time, energy, and resources to finding good bands that actually work hard at their craft. We don’t know of many promotion companies that take the time to get to know the members of the bands on their roster & form a family with those members like Claire does. That’s really what makes Claire stand out to us. We feel like we’re part of a special, elite family. We feel loved, respected, and B303S’s whole message really resonates with what we’re all about—love & connection with others.

Vermillion Road

Best 303 Sounds means everything to us. To have people actually wanting to promote us on a more professional level is key and we are extremely thankful for it. Everything S9 has done up to the point of signing with B303S was by ourselves. We still did it the hard, old school way. Paper flyers, passing out cds, making our own merch, etc. with no help from anyone. B303S seem to know good music and they seem to stand behind their bands, their “family” and that is something to be cherished. We are truly grateful to have Claire and B303S on our side and we are excited to have a great work experience with them in the future.

Suspension 9

Best303Sounds represents exactly what every music scene should be. Claire really puts her heart into promoting bands and making a huge impact in the community. We couldn’t be happier than to be part of it!


This website is amazing! Supporting local bands which all have a right to be global! I listen to them whenever I’m travelling and at home!

Mikel Kelly

“Best 303 Sounds is by far one of the most honest and virtuous promoters I’ve worked with in my 15 years as a professional musician. Not only is there a lot of heart, but also an incredible family of other bands collaborating together.” –Draven Grey, 

The Silent Still

We cannot sing enough praises about Claire and Best 303 Sounds. We joined her Best 303 Sounds family because she supports bands with a passion. Whether it is promoting a Best 303 Sounds show or supporting a Best 303 Sounds Band at another promoters show; Claire gives unconditional support, asking bands only to share the word about the Best 303 Sounds. She also provides bands with a music sharing application on Reverbnation.com Another ironic thing about Claire and Best 303 Sounds she is based in Wyoming where she lives! She gives all this support to Colorado Bands from a state away! Again, we love you Claire …you rock!

World Famous Johnsons

Claire loves us and we love her! She cares about every band she works with on a personal level. She has selflessly helped us immensely!!!


Claire is a diamond in the rough. She is altruistic and sincerely devoted to the promotion of the music scene, something that is nearly unheard of in a fickle and cut-throat entertainment industry. Though many people talk about bettering the scene through comradery, Claire actually lives this. I have nothing but love and respect for her and what she stands for.

Brian Kato


“When I was first starting my photographic journey, I didn’t know where to start and stumbled across Best 303 Sounds. Claire introduced me to the Best 303 family and let me photograph her bands. Now I’m meeting and photographing bands like Papa Roach, Rob Zombie, Journey, and other big names. And it’s all thanks to those first few months where Claire immersed.


BluesTribute Entertainment

We are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to be part of the Best 303 Sounds family!!! It is so awesome to be a part of Claire’s amazing roster of bands!!! She has built an amazing community and she has built it with love and undying support. She puts in so much work and care in for her bands! It’s just an awesome feeling knowing that she cares and believes in all of the down-right awesome bands that make up the Best 303 sounds Family!!! A true step towards unity in what could be one of the best music scenes here in this country!