Personal Band Management, Consulting, Label Operations, Promotion.

Music is a passion. Music, art, theater, dance – all require a skills-set consisting of many elements, from theory and practice to business and planning. Although one cannot put a value on image, persona or intangible assets, the business of music is comprised of converting the arts and talents of passionate individuals into tangible form so that profit can be made and careers can be born. 

Sick Like Me Music, LLC was founded in 2012 by Amy Rasdall for the sole purpose of providing an outlet for these very passionate musicians and artists to be able to make careers out of their own dreams, and on their own terms. “Sick” of how next-to-impossible it is to live comfortably with today’s industry compensation and practices, Sick Like Me Music hopes to be able to provide many services to musicians and artists, such as management, publicity and more, with a more stable and objective plan to ensure long-term goals are met. We will work with partners who value this vision and yearn to nurture music careers like we do. 

At Sick Like Me Music, we make the rules; what works for one artist may not work for another. Let’s focus on finding what works in order to get more great music heard.