Band Members
Cody Montague = Guitarist
Pedro Lumbrano = Guitarist
Abel Alvarado = Vocalist
Mason Mondy = Drummer
Andrew Hooley = Bassists

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Since April 2015

Denver, Colorado

Thoughtpilot has had many faces and many changes over the years. It started out as a project between many long-time friends back in Dallas, Texas. After many face lifts, name changes, style changes, member changes and more, the group of friends decided to move to Denver, Colorado. After over a decade of trial by fire. Thoughtpilot emerged in the summer of 2014. The group of friends may not all be here but the spirit and drive they dedicated will always fuel what is known as Thoughtpilot. 

Intricate rhythms, melodic grooves, heavy breakdowns, soaring leads, and unforgettable riffage can all be expected when discovering the creative sound that is THOUGHTPILOT. The group is a quintet of metal minded individuals coming together from different parts of the country to bring epicness, bounce, and groove to their new home of Denver Colorado and beyond.