Band Members

Hannah Haze- Vocals
Marcus Mcgowan- Drums
Allen Maddox- Guitar
Marcos Gonzales(Simba)- Bass
Jane Juggsly- Van

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Since November 2011

Denver, Colorado

Band Bio

Yellow Canaries are known for their ability to sing in order to warn miners of danger.

A Scarlet Canary is known for her ability to scream into the dark caverns below just to get better reverb and hit a higher harmony. Forget the age-old idea that a canary is a weak bird that’s only purpose is to comfort old ladies and outsmart cartoon cats.

Scarlet Canary has played with national acts, such as Skillet and Saliva, while touring with Stitched Up Heart and is led by the talented young Hannah Haze who lists In This Moment and Halestorm among her top influences. Scarlet Canary is an energetic rock act balancing heavier dropped guitars and deep driving toms that back clean hard rock inspired vocals.
Just when the music has reached a climatic bridge it is not uncommon for Ms. Haze to scream into the crowd.
Hannah is a bird of prey ready to show any audience why the caged bird screams.