Ides of Mae

Band Members
Jasmine Burwell: Vocals
Julian Michael: Guitars
Troy Townsley: Drums
Derek Rickett: Bass

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Since March 2017

Denver, Colorado

Band Bio

Julian and Jasmine have been wowing crowds since a young age. With the help of veteran musicians Derek and Troy, Ides of Mae is a statement on modern rock and mainstream pop. Their blend of catchy melodies and slick composition creates a unique sound never before heard.

“It was evident from early on that we were on to something special” says bassist Derek who joined in 2014. Those jam sessions birthed the Ides of Mae EP: an unapologetic musical statement. During the recording process, it became evident that without a stellar vocalist, the project should never see the light of day. At that time, Jasmine, an accomplished vocalist in her own right stepped onto the scene to complete the sound that Julian and Derek had been searching for.

“The Ides are a time equidistance from the beginning and the end. And Mae, the titular character in the narrative of life provides the framework for what we do”, says Jasmine. Ides of Mae, a musical project devoted to the human experience. The tensions and the tragedy. An anthem of hope for all.

Ides of Mae made jump from regional to national quicker than anyone could have imagined. In the short time of a year, Ides of Mae has already played several successful tours through the Rocky Mountain region and the greater midwest. Audiences all over have been amazed with their eye-grabbing stage performance and engaging musical dynamics.

Over the course of 2016, Ides of Mae recorded their full length album, “Time Runs Out” which includes singles “One More Second Chance” and “Better”. Arriving on all digital platforms March 1st, 2017