Dead Auras

Band Members
Vaziel Vixen – Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Enera Exmortis – Vocals, Synth

In June of 2015, Aubrey Freeze (Rituals/Subsonic Fallout) sought out to create something both innovative and dark. A spark o…f inspiration quickly transformed into a vision and thus Dead Auras was born. Bringing in vocalist, McKenna, a short time later, the solo project evolved into a duo. Along with their personas, Vaziel Vixen and Enera Exmortis

Combining haunting, atmospheric melodies with aura resonating bass and other-worldly guitar, Dead Auras delivers a spine-chilling rendering of ghostly charm. The unique ambiance can only be compared to the lamentation of two souls trapped in Limbo.

With the date sharing the 10 year anniversary of its original release, the GhostPop duo made its first audio release with cover song “Precious,” as a tribute to Depeche Mode on October 13, 2015.

Shortly after the release of “Precious,” the pair announced intentions to hit the studio to record a conceptual trilogy. The band announced that the trilogy will be broken down to three separate extended plays (EP): Corruptor, Enlightened Ones, and Parallel Skies. The first E.P. is expected in early Spring 2016.

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Since Sept ’12

Dead Auras combines chilling, emotionally driven vocals with an electronic entity of haunting bass to deliver a dark and atmospheric manifestation