Circle Number Dot

Band Members
Matt C. Card: Vocals, Guitar
Marc April: Bass, Back-up Vocals
Ken Wealty: Drums
Andy Burns: Lead Guitar, Back-up vocals

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Since Feb ’17

Circle Number Dot started in 2006 with a demo that was intended to capture a style that singer/songwriter Matt Card had envisioned and not actually to form a band. After getting a lot of good feedback and a push from some close friends he began to seek out other like-minded musicians. There have been quite a few line up changes over the years but the institution lives on. With songs like “Smokin’ & Drinkin” and “Take your mind off” the idea was simple. Make music that kicks ass all the time. There are enough bands out there that can put an audience to sleep. What if you want to party and have a good time? This is where you go.