Amalgam Effect

Band Members
Matt Spivack – Vocals, Flute, Guitar
Kody Little – Guitar, Vocals
Chris Childress – Bass
Calvin Merseal – Drums

** Lyrics by Calvin Merseal, Matt Spivack, and Kody Little

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Since May 2012

Denver, Colorado

Band Bio

Amalgam Effect is a band in celebration of unification and amalgamation. Our genre is progressive rock at its core, but the emphasis falls on the progress of music and art for the future. Our ambition is channeled through our artistic vision, which aims to create music that is not only aware of its influences, but which engages them in an extended discourse to elevate music to its highest degree. From these influences, we have cultivated a stylistic approach that relies upon certain aesthetic principals, including the notion that popular art and high art need not be mutually exclusive, and that uninhibited creativity comes from the acceptance that nothing is original. The result is music which mixes technicality with melodic sensibility, paired with resonant and intellectual lyricism, and channeled through the mediums of conceptual albums and energetic live performances.