21 Taras

Band Members
Julian Perron: Vocals
Alec Lister: Drums
Austin Salazar: Guitar
James Steinbach: Lead Guitar
James Williams: Bass

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Since July 2017

Littleton, Colorado

Band Bio

21 Taras are a band from Littleton, Colorado that formed in late 2014 and founded by members Alec Lister (drums) and James Steinbach (lead guitar). A few lineup changes followed, and the band’s current lineup consists of Julian Perron on vocals, James Williams on bass, and Austin Salazar on guitar, along with Lister and Steinbach. 21 Taras’ sound since their start has been characterized as hard rock, alternative rock, metal and grunge. Since 21 Taras’ inception, the group has released a single, “Invisible Queen” in July of 2016, followed by their debut album “Seize The Ocean” just a few months later, in September of 2016. The band has opened up for bigger Denver bands such as Lola Black and BANDITS, and are determined to rise even higher. From raging, powerful vocals to flashy drum fills alongside massive guitars and unique bass playing, this band is unstoppable.