The Music Appreciation Project (MAP) is a small charitable organization that organizes an annual, student-led benefit concert to raise money for the purchase of music equipment, and other music related services, for budding musicians. In order to be a recipient of these funds, a person must meet the following criteria:

*Must be a student enrolled in an alternative high school in the Lakewood, Co. area.

*Must submit an application to the committee. The application should contain the following:
1) A brief description of the interested party;
2) The name of the school currently attending;
3) An explanation of why the party is applying;
4) A description of the item(s) requested; and
5) What the interested party hopes to accomplish in their pursuit of music.

Once an application is received, the information will be reviewed by the committee and the final decision shared with the applicant within 7 business days. If an application is accepted, the equipment will be purchased and presented to the applicant by the committee.