Simply put, Best 303 Sounds promotes  bands that play in the “303” (Denver, CO) area. At first, I was  Facebook based – echoing and sharing band page statuses only. Since then, Best 303 Sounds has grown into a rich community of local artists that represent a variety of musical genres. Best 303 Sounds echoes each bands intellectual property, statuses, music, videos and shows through social media channels. These channels include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.

I have expanded the company and opened up to all genre – including cover, solo and EDM and also if they PLAY in the 303. It could be anywhere in the nation, as long you play in the 303 I will promote your gig and band news 100%.

It’s About Who You Know

Ever hear the old saying that, “In the music industry, it’s all about who you know.” With Best 303 Sounds, I understand this. While I do not directly book shows for bands, I┬áhave contacts with event planners in the Denver area that I help by looking for bands from the family that would fit certain shows. It’s important to note, I avoid the “pay to play” and always aim for payment for the bands performances.

I have also had emails from local film companies looking for bands to have their music used in movie scores; three bands have already had this opportunity through B303S.

I have been in contact with local TV stations to help promote local bands (and not just visiting nationals) and also local FM radio stations and other media sources. To date the media have requested “Pay to Play”. My hope is to persuade local media to use local music – because at the end of the day – the bands work hard, play hard and deserve to be heard


We Are a Family – a Music One

Over the years, the term “Best 303 Sounds family” was used as all the bands became friends, played together, and helped each other out. I have also been known as “BandMomma” – as not only did I do this work for the bands but I am always available to talk, discuss, help out the bands in any way I can, look for a new band member or another band for a gig.

You will find that “our family” is tightly-knit. Whether you need help booking a show, filling supporting acts, assist locating equipment, find new band members or just some general advice from experienced musicians, Best 303 Sounds has you covered.

Your Band Page on Best 303 Sounds’ Website

The Best 303 Sounds website will also provide a page that promotes your band and gigs specifically. Your band page can contain a picture of your band, a ReverbNation music track, a video from YouTube, individual Facebook feed, contact and booking information, as well as website links.

I manually enter in all the shows and music on the website. I dedicate 12-15 hours per day to Best 303 Sounds. If you ever have questions or concerns about what Best 303 Sounds does, you can always email me.

Best 303 Sounds Gear Swap

If you’re looking for new gear, Best 303 Sounds can help as well. We’ve started a Best 303 Sounds Gear Swap Facebook page. Think of it like a better version of Craigslist for Best 303 Sounds family members.