I get several emails a week asking me for online promotion for their band. Before I respond, these are the things I do

1) I go onto Facebook – this is because it is currently the largest social media outlet. I first look at “Posts to Page” I look for interaction and responses that the band gives to fans/questions .

2) I then click “About” and read the short and long descriptions and Bio. It should not be empty

3) I  look at the number of likes – if the likes don’t match the number of likes on your posts (example 10,00+ page likes = 2 or 3 likes on a post) then maybe you are lying and buying likes.  Event planners and venues will see the page likes and will have rough information on how many average will be at a show and if you can draw. And also promoters prefer to work with genuine,  ‘White Hat” bands that are true to their product

4) I will scan you page for photos, seflies and events to see how you promote your brand and yourself on and off stage matters equally.

5)  I go to the YouTube link – I wont look for professional videos – I look for the live. If you can perform live and sound like your promoting mp3s, then we are good to carry go

6) I will then reply to the submission form and offer you the #B303S contract and my work can begin

NB :: With the contract is also the fees – $10 a month – 6 month minimum and if you pay for 12 months , then I give 2 months free at $100

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