If you have asked a professional photographer to shoot your live set or do a promo – you have essentially HIRED them for their services. This is their profession and are willing to help you get the best images they can of you.

They attend your show, and spend a couple of hours there working … for you. Adjusting lenses, metering depending on where you are. They have the knowledge and know what they are doing.

But that’s just the beginning of their work for you. The longest part for them is the editing, reformatting and turning maybe a bad lighting venue/surroundings into something amazing … for you

Going through their camera importing and then there will be several hundred images to go through individually and then to decide which ones are their best to work with and give you the best.

After selecting these images – they then edit. This process can be 10-30 minutes per image or until they are satisfied with their work.

Then they add their logo and/or watermark – it is their work, they own the rights and Intellectual Property of each image.

If you have paid for their service (which I hope you do) they will supply you with the edited and unmarked versions for you to use

Once the photographer releases them to you, you want to share them, post them – how good do you look? And that is All down to the photographer making sure he catches you perfectly.

So please, DO NOT crop out the watermark / logo or edit the photograph because you think it would cool if it was sepia or black and white, as this is an insult for his work and final product. This is also copyright infringement. Their work represents them, not you. They are proud of their art so please give them photo credit when posting, sharing the final results. Either online, album artwork or promotional purposes.

Do not use and abuse them and demand everything for free or for a deal – these guys work hard and are extremely talented. Personally in the music scene I have seen 3 talented photographers who were/are part of the #B303S family, helping me to help the bands – given up or about to give up the camera, due to the people and bands in the scene and their attitude towards hiring a photographer (entitlement)

If you want amazing promo photographs for your band to use as part of your Press Kit, albums covers and  ID on social media. Then Respect this service. Respect the photographer. Respect their work.Let our photographers continue to showcase the music scene. Their work benefits you.